Are you concerned about shopping for lower electric rates?

Here are some common concerns that are unwarranted:

1. I don’t want to end my relationship with my utility (Comed, Ameren)

Your original energy company will continue to serve as your utility company.  They will remain your regulated lines and wires provider.  Their business model and profit margins are confined to the delivery of power and not the supply.  They only offer default supply service to customers who have not shopped because they are mandated to do so by the state.

2. I will not have anyone to call if the power goes out

You will continue to call your local utility company if your power goes out.  You will not be treated any different for switching to another energy company for supply service.

3.  Interruption of service (“My power will be turned off during the switch process”)

Signing a contract for a lower electric rate does not cause any type of service interruption.  The rate switch will be seamless.  Many people relate switching electric companies to switching phone companies.  They are completely different.  No one will come to your facility to do anything to the lines and wires.  The rate you pay will simply change from the default service to the new rate on your scheduled meter read date.

4. Hidden Charges

The contract you sign will clearly state what is included in the rate.  It should include everything that the Price-to-compare, stated on your utility bill, does.  This is usually a valid concern as there are some dishonest providers in the market who offer confusing contracts and rate products.

All of the electric offers at have been prescreened to ensure that you are getting an apples-to-apples comparison versus your price to compare default rate.  NO FUNNY BUSINESS!!