Ameren I Electricity Area

On October 1, 2010, the three Ameren utility companies merged into a single operating company now called Ameren Illinois. Together, the three utilities serve electricity to about 28% of the Illinois population. Ameren Zone I was formerly known as AmerenCIPS.

Ameren is in charge of delivering the power from the generation plants to the consumers (households, offices, schools, malls, etc.). They are still considered a regulated company by the Illinois Commerce Commission. Before deregulation Ameren was also in charge of generating the electricity that customers consume. That has now changed, though many electric consumers are still on the Ameren default rate. Ameren earns money from the delivery charges found on the Ameren monthly electric bill. The delivery charges remain regulated by the Illinois Commerce Commission and are the same no matter which electric supplier a customer chooses.

The generation and transmission charges make up what is known as the “Price to Compare”. This is the rate that is open to competition. Consumers in Illinois try to find an electric rate from a competitive supplier that is lower than the Ameren price to compare. When you choose power from a competitive supplier, the rate offered will include both generation and transmission charges.